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Available online Linux trainings.

Until one or two years there was almost no online trainings for the RHCSA & RHCE 7 certifications. You had to take Red Hat classes or study by yourself through books. Now, companies like EdX, Udemy and LinuxAcademy to name

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Atomic Host.

If you like containers, at some point you will deploy them into production. And you will need a dedicated server to host them. Atomic Host is the RedHat solution for this. It is a lightweight version of RHEL/CentOS 7 (there

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RHEL 7 CPU governor.

I don’t know if you have already heard about CPU governor. With the global warming, IT culture should integrate the various mechanisms available for reducing computer consumption. In a perfect world, during the idle periods servers should adjust their clock frequency

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RHEL 7.4 planned features and other news.

At the Red Hat annual summit the main planned features of RHEL 7.4 were disclosed. You can find them in a dedicated page. In addition, as of today, the RHEL 7.4 Beta has been released. Release notes are available here. Also,

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Red Hat Summit 2017.

The annual Red Hat summit 2017 happened last week. The first videos are available on the Red Hat summit channel on Youtube. Some presentations have already been published about: the Red Hat security roadmap, the Red Hat Ceph storage roadmap, the Red

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Do you know Cockpit?

Until recently I didn’t know what was exactly the Cockpit project. I thought it was a new complicated panel for administrators looking for a GUI. Difficult to install, to maintain, to understand … In fact, it is just the contrary:

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What’s new with NetworkManager?

NetworkManager big update From RHEL 7.2 to RHEL 7.3, NetworkManager moved from v1.0.6 to v1.4.0: a lot of things have changed. Color is everywhere! NetworkManager now uses colors to match the status of a device or a connection and sorts

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What’s new with RHEL 7 CGroups?

Since RHEL 6, CGroups have been a work in progress. So, in RHEL 7 features evolved through new Systemd commands like systemd-cgls, systemd-cgtop, and mainly systemctl set-property. Still through Systemd, RHEL 7.0 brought the CPUShares (percentage of CPU), MemoryLimit (memory

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RHEL 6.9 just released.

The RHEL 6.9 distribution has just been released and brings the following main benefits: TLS 1.2 support has been added to all system components, several SSSD improvements have been made in connection with AD forests and PAM services, the cpuid

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Death of Docker?

Back in September 2016, an event went unnoticed, although it was a fundamental change. Google and RedHat declared the game is over: they decided to fork Docker. Why did they decide to do that? Redhat had several reasons: Container conception:

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Upcoming Events (CET)

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      CentOS: Dojo, Singapore.

RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 5 minutes.
Create a new user account called "bob" with password "redhat" and set expiration in one week.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Change the SSH process configuration to only listen on the 443 port.

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