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Caution: It is not possible to choose RHEL 6 at the LFCS exam anymore. You have to select RHEL 7.

LFCS Exam Presentation

Here you will find resources (tutorials, book review, quiz, sample exams, etc) about the LFCS (Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator) exam for RHEL 6 / CentOS 6.

You can use this website like a study guide if you’ve got already some basic Linux experiences.

The exam is a performance-based exam in English lasting 2 hours, focusing on basic to intermediate system administration from the command line only. The pass mark is 74%. One free retake per exam purchase is granted. It must be taken within 12 months of the date of the original exam purchase.

You need to choose between 3 Linux distributions (CentOS 6.4, OpenSUSE 13.1 and Ubuntu 14.04) before the beginning of the exam.

A webcam, a microphone and the Chrome browser are required. A compatibility check tool is available.

You can take the exam in any quiet location. Your session will be remotely monitored by a proctor.

The exam may be scheduled anytime within 12 months of purchase. The cost of the exam is $300 and is valid for 2 years.

By achieving or renewing a higher-level certification (typically LFCE), you automatically extend the validity of your lower-level certification.

All the exam details are available in the candidate handbook.

Source: Linux Foundation website.

Additional Resources

Don’t forget to check the page about Linux certifications.

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9 comments on “RHEL6 LFCS
  1. algorisms says:

    I am taking this exam tomorrow at 9AM EST – I created a practice test for myself that hits on all of the core competencies that I would love to share with the certdepot community. I think the practice test is BEYOND overkill for the LFCS cert – It has some stuff in there that is more RHCSA but it’s all good practice.

    You can find the practice test at mathematicbren.blogspot.com – I have not included answers yet.

    Wish me luck!

  2. algorisms says:

    Just finished up the LFCS exam – A word of warning that everyone should know!

    They allow you to reboot, but you only get access to the terminal.

    I made an error that rendered my terminal inaccessible and the Linux Foundation said that it was my problem. I was only halfway through the test – As a result, I failed immediately. The error that I made was in the /etc/sudoers entry that rendered the system unbootable/reachable.

    In essence, if you make an error that renders the system unbootable, you will fail. So be 100% sure when setting up fstab or sudoers or grub.conf – Or just about anything in the system for that matter…

    I honestly think it’s bullshit. If I don’t get some form of compensation from them (whether it’s a free retake or just my money back), I will avoid their company and highly advise all of you to just go for Red Hat.

    • algorisms says:

      Update to this: I was granted a retake for free. However, the Linux Foundation’s stance was basically this: Assume you are working on a COLO machine at all times and test things before implementing them. If you lose your shell like I stupidly did, it’s your own fault.

      So while it is important that you know how to use things like GRUB and emergency/single user mode, they maintain that you shouldn’t need them if you know what you are doing. Users beware!

    • tsepty says:


      I just took the LFCS exam. It is an completely hands on exam. While this is the entry level exam it is not a easy one, and has some challenging parts but is not extremely hard either. It basically gives you a real computer (console). You need to solve some problems as you will do in day to day tasks as a sysadmin. You can even use ‘man’. I do not understand why (or how) people crash or reboot (not needed) the training station, maybe they need more real world practice. And yes, I passed with ease.
      I recommend this exam for any sysadmin (or wannabe).

  3. brownwrap says:

    Algorisms, did you pass the 2nd time?

  4. Ricardo Marques says:

    Hi 🙂

    I’m writing this comment just to warn CertDepot (and others) that I noticed that the “The Linux Foundation Certification Candidate Handbook for Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) & Linux Foundation Certified System Engineer (LFCE)” has been updated (on 20 March 2015 to “Version 1.3″).

    The link to the updated version of the Candidate Handbook is the following:


    So, I suggest CertDepot to update the link to the “candidate handbook” that appears in this http://www.certdepot.net/rhel6-lfcs/ web page… and I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate him/her for setting up this great web site! 🙂

    Ricardo Dias Marques
    (BTW: I’m NOT an LFCS or LFCE yet… but I’m an RHCSA and an RHCE)

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