RHEL7 Quick recipes

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Here are some quick recipes useful when using RHEL 7:

Core Features

Updates and Security

Services 101


Tips and Tricks


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I found this site very interesting for Redhat. I have a few doubts regarding RHEL 7 about exams and syllabus. 1). Is RHCSA syllabus the same for RHEL 7 as on RHEL 6? What about exam format and duration 2). I find RHCE syllabus changed is it minor or a vast…what about commands? 3). Is taking RHCSA / RHCE on RHEL 7 good now itself. As they have just released the RHEL 7 few days ago… My company uses cent os 6 so i thought of gaining knowledge and certification on same. But only after joining fortraining i found its… Read more »


I wonder if the Kerberos and other ID management-related tasks can be completed with the IPA tools on the exams. i.e. ipa-server-install sets up multiple things to use with IPA, NSS (no TLS), etc.


Is there a way to see a list of your Tasks of the Day?
Thank you for an amazing site of information. it has helped me learning for this exam in so many ways.


Maybe quick recipe about kickstart installation. Even if I have got a few years of experience in RHEL administration, I always have to remember the options like ks= or inst.ks= , start from USB or PXE etc.:)

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RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Create two new user accounts "steve" and "oliver".
Create a group "team". Create a directory "shared".
All files put into the "shared" directory by "steve" or "oliver" should belong to the "team" group and be only visible by them.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 8 minutes.
Set up an iScsi target based on a block backstore of 100MB called lv_iscsi with basic authentication, ext4 filesystem and standard firewall configuration.

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