RHEL6 LFCS Exam objectives

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The core domains and related competencies covered by the LFCS Exam are:


Filesystem & storage

Local system administration

Local security

  • Accessing the root account
  • Using sudo to manage access to the root account

Shell scripting

  • Basic bash shell scripting

Software management

*Notice of Upcoming Change: On March 1, 2015, the Domains and Competencies will be updated to replace RAID with LVM.

Source: Linux Foundation website.

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9 comments on “RHEL6 LFCS Exam objectives
  1. algorisms says:

    FYI – As of 2014-12-08, The requirements for LFCS have changed a little bit

    I’m taking the exam in two days and I am extremely leery – The requirements are extremely ambiguous and I am not quite sure what to exactly expect.

    A good example of this would be the following:

    >Managing fstab entries
    >Mounting filesystems automatically at boot

    These seem like they are the same (fstab can mount local filesystems at boot) but nothing would indicate that I might need to use something like automount/autofs for persistent devices like CIFS/Samba… So yeah, not quite sure what to think….

    I’m hoping that by being prepared for RHCSA, I will also be ready for LFCS but time will tell… Bought the cert voucher on black Friday since it was cheap.

    • CertDepot says:

      No, the LFCS requirements almost didn’t change since the initial announcement, they only changed the wording. I’m saying almost because they removed the Creating LVM devices from scratch requirement.
      For the rest, you are perfectly right, the requirements are very ambiguous. It’s for this reason that I didn’t create the different tutorials because it’s very difficult to guess what they really mean.
      And good luck for your exam!

      • algorisms says:

        The LVM requirement was the only thing I noticed so now that you mention it, you’re right. I think they removed LVM because of this requirement:

        Assembling partitions as RAID devices

        It seems like they have to be a bit more unclear with their requirements because they offer three different distros to work off of. Know what I mean?

        All I’m hoping for is access to a complete repo on the test – I can accomplish most of your RHCSA practice tests in under 2 hours without any assistance so long as I can use the tools I prefer to use.

    • hasnainj says:

      >I’m taking the exam in two days and I am extremely leery – The requirements are >extremely ambiguous and I am not quite sure what to exactly expect.

      So how did you go? Did you pass? Was there any surprises? 🙂

    • mfsid says:

      Have you passed your exam? How was it?

  2. ptypauls says:

    Last week I took the exam. 2 hours is too short time to complete this exam, the key to pass is to focus on file finding, grep, sed, cut, vi, but you can use NANO too.

    My experience was that I didn’t pass the exam because when I realized the time was running out, there was about 20 Min left. So today I’m scheduling a new exam.

  3. grayswan says:

    I took the test. I failed because I spent WAY too long trying to do the raid section because the test is not like an actual distro. I eventually had to reboot the system to get their test environment to let me finish the question after about 20 minutes of trying everything else because I really didn’t want to reboot this flaky thing. This never happened to me in real life or studying to build raids. I call bullcrap on the whole thing. I studied EVERYTHING on this test many many times. The questions were not hard. I was prepared. I never saw the end of this test cause I ran out of time. I’ve passed the LPI and comptia tests and have multiple linux systems in real life. I love linux. I am extremely confident in my own skills and I have no confidence in this test. Don’t waste your time or money.

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