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OpenShift books

Denis Zuev, Artemii Kropachev and Aleksey Usov‘s Learn OpenShift (07/2018) provides an in-depth presentation of OpenShift and all its components (Docker, Kubernetes, etc).

Jamie Duncan and John Osborne‘s Openshift in Action (05/2018) covers developer and operation sides. It contains a lot of explanations about all the mechanisms used on OpenShift.

Graham Dumpleton‘s Deploying to OpenShift (04/2018) is a free book written by a very knowledgeable developer and mainly geared towards developers.

Stefano Picozzi, Mike Hepburn, and Noel O’Connor‘s DevOps with OpenShift (04/2017) is also a free book mainly covering the developer aspects of OpenShift.

Grant Shipley and Graham Dumpleton‘s OpenShift for Developers (05/2016) is a free introduction book for beginners. An updated edition of this book for OpenShift v4 by Joshua Wood and Brian Tannous has since been published (09/2021).

Kubernetes books

Josh Rosso, Rich Lander, Alexander Brand & John HarrisProduction Kubernetes (03/2021) is a free O’Reilly/VMware book about Kubernetes.


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