RHEL7 RHCSA What’s new?

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Between the RHCSAv6 and the RHCSAv7 exams, there are only limited changes:

  • Securely transfer files between systems is a new objective that might require calling the scp command.
  • Configure key-based authentication for SSH completes the previous objective and requires an understanding of SSH configuration (this objective was previously part of the RHCE exam objectives).
  • Configure a system to use an existing authentication service for user and group information appears when Configure a system to use an existing LDAP directory service for user and group information disappears; this new objective might require mastering both sssd daemon and LDAP configuration.
  • Create, mount, unmount, and use vfat, ext4 and xfs file systems only adds the xfs file system to the previous RHCSA exam objective.
  • There is no longer mention of setting up a default configuration HTTP/FTP server.
  • VNC doesn’t show up any more.
  • Firewall settings can now be configured through firewall-config, firewall-cmd but the iptables way is still fine.
  • Finally, perhaps the biggest change, all LUKS-related tasks have been removed: no game with encrypted partitions any more!

Even though the RHCSA exam objectives almost stay the same and the exam keeps the same duration (2.5 hours), it is clear that you will need a good understanding of the RHEL 7 basic features (Systemd, Grub2, etc) to pass it.

UPDATE: In June 2017, two objectives were removed from the curriculum:

UPDATE: Since mid-2018, Red Hat has finally started providing a breakdown of performance across a number of topic categories after each exam (more details here).

UPDATE: It should be possible to take the RHCSA 7 exam until May 2020.

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14 comments on “RHEL7 RHCSA What’s new?
  1. Adiosped says:

    Very nice way to portray the changes .. and to understand for newbies like us…
    And just 1 doubt : Any idea if i need to do rhcsa 7 again to give rhce 7 ?

  2. superuzzo says:

    Very nice! If changes between RHCSA v6 & v7 are so limited, I think my strategy will be to start studying on an old book useful to prepare for the old exam, and then I will review on my own only specific changes. (About RHCE…. too many things change beetwen v6 & v7, I hope in the meanwhile new books will be available eheheh)

  3. denzalvin says:

    Hi guys, I’m planning to take RHCSA and do self study. Can I use virtual machines to simulate the lab environment? What is the best approach to study for RHCSA using virtual machines? Can I simulate KVM, LDAP, etc. inside a virtual machine? Thanks.

    • CertDepot says:

      I think the best approach is to configure a 64-bit PC with CentOS 7, then to install KVM.
      It is certainly possible to simulate KVM inside a virtual machine but it is not advisable.
      Another approach is to use VirtualBox.

  4. qaiarn says:

    What is the version of RHCSA exam nowadays? RHEL7.2?

    • CertDepot says:

      At one point, several weeks ago, a Red Hat UK representative answered this question with RHEL 7.1. According to the numerous messages I received since, I can affirm you that the version used is still RHEL 7.0.
      I personally asked the question to the Red Hat Certification Director, Randy Russell through Twitter. He answered that this information didn’t matter, you were only required to carry out the tasks whatever RHEL7.x version.
      Just concentrate on RHEL 7.0 and you will be fine.

  5. jrios9 says:


    I have a question. Do you know if in the RHCSA7 (EX-200) exam comes the LDAP server to be implemented? I mean, Do I have to set up a complete LDAP server?

    • CertDepot says:

      No, you definitively don’t. A LDAP server will be provided.
      You only need to set up a LDAP server in order to test your client configuration during your learning process but not at the exam.

  6. shireeshk says:

    Finally, perhaps the biggest change, all LUKS-related tasks have been removed: no game with encrypted partitions any more!

    Is this no more part of RHCSA? no questions asked on filesystem encryption?

  7. Ph.Bryab says:


    one thing I need to know, is the firewall on or off?

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