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RHEL 7 rc-local service.

With Systemd, the Init scripts are not there any more. Consequently, the execution of tasks at boot time had to change. Hopefully, a nice solution has been found: it uses the good old rc.local file. Now, to execute tasks at

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Recertification path for RHCEv5.

Just a reminder for RHCEv5: you’ve got still 29 days to get recertified by passing the RHCEv6 only (a 50% discount is available in some countries).

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CentOS 7 released.

Today, CentOS 7 has just been released. The distribution can now be downloaded from the CentOS website. The Release Notes explain what kind of images are available: the DVD images contain most of the packages but not all, the Live

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Red Hat Live Chat.

Yesterday, there was a live chat organized by Red Hat on Twitter. The subjects were RHEL 7 training and certifications. Here is a retranscription: RHCSAv6 & RHCEv6 exams are available until December, the 19th but availability varies by location. According to location, RHCSAv6 &

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RHCSA & RHCE exam objectives finally released for RHEL 7.

Today, the RHCSA & RHCE exam objectives for RHEL 7 are finally available. Concerning the RHCSA exam objectives, there are very limited changes. Details are available in the RHEL7 RHCSA What’s new? section. Concerning the RHCE exam objectives, changes are

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SLES for VMware End of Availability Announcement.

According to Sai Gopalan, VMware product marketing manager, “after July 25, 2014, customers that purchase VMware vSphere Standard, vSphere Enterprise, or vSphere Enterprise+ (either standalone or as part of a suite) will no longer be eligible to a free SLES

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RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Create two new user accounts "steve" and "oliver".
Create a group "team". Create a directory "shared".
All files put into the "shared" directory by "steve" or "oliver" should belong to the "team" group and be only visible by them.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Set up a default secure MariaDB database called maria and back up the database with mysqldump.

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