Red Hat Live Chat.

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Yesterday, there was a live chat organized by Red Hat on Twitter.
The subjects were RHEL 7 training and certifications.

Here is a retranscription:

  • RHCSAv6 & RHCEv6 exams are available until December, the 19th but availability varies by location.
  • According to location, RHCSAv6 & RHCEv6 can still be taken in exam centers or only in kiosk/onsite.
  • A candidate with a current or future RHCSAv6 can become RHCEv7 by passing the RHCEv7 exam only.
  • Red Hat recommends taking the RHCE Certification Lab, available as classroom, virtual training, & online, before taking the RHCEv7.
  • According to location, a RHCEv5 can get a 50% discount to take both RHCSAv6 et RHCEv6.
  • The RHCEv7 changes (4 hours instead of 2, more topics, etc) have been made based on input and guidance of Red Hat Certified Professionals.
  • All kiosk exam environments are entirely local (no latency) and keyboards can be remapped if a localized keyboard is not already available.
  • Other courses will be updated to RHEL 7 before the end of this year.
  • It is still possible to (re)download a certificate/transcript (“Red Hat hereby certifies…”) for a RHCEv5.
  • Courses on RHEL 7 have already started in North America.
  • UK kiosk is available in Farnborough and a new London location is looked for.
  • The opening of a kiosk in Poland is under consideration.
  • RHEL 7 training material should be available in French within the Summer.
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2 comments on “Red Hat Live Chat.
  1. jayc says:

    A candidate with a current or future RHCSAv6 can become RHCEv7 by passing the RHCEv7 exam only. Am I reading this correctly? So if you pass the RHCSAv6 and you’re not able to get the RHCEv6 before 12/19 you can just take and pass the RHCEv7?

    • CertDepot says:

      Yes, according to Red Hat officials, this is absolutely true.
      But, although it seems easy, it’s not easy at all! Because the RHCEv7 is going to be much more difficult to pass.
      The RHCEv7 exam now lasts 4 hours instead of 2 and has got many new technical topics (IPv6, NFS/Kerberos, Teaming/Bonding, HTTPS/TLS, SELinux port labelling, MariaDB, Firewalld, etc) plus Systemd! See my article “RHCEv7 What’s new?”.
      During the same live chat, I tried to know why Red Hat decided to seriously increase the level of the RHCEv7. They answered that it was “based on input and guidance of Red Hat Certified Professionals.” I don’t know how to translate/understand that! Marketing? Reputation? Expected salaries by successful candidates compared to network experts?

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RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 15 minutes.
Get an iso image of CentOS 7 (or a DVD) and set up a local repository.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Set up a NFS server that exports the /opt directory in read-only mode.

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