RHEL6 RHCSA Exam objectives

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Understand and use essential tools

Note: Red Hat may use applications during the exam that are not included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the purpose of evaluating candidate’s abilities to meet this objective.

Operate running systems

Configure local storage

Create and configure file systems

Deploy, configure, and maintain systems

Manage users and groups

Manage security

Source: Red Hat website.

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5 comments on “RHEL6 RHCSA Exam objectives
  1. krs4keshara says:

    This is Huge effort.!!! and I like to thanks this…

    I passed RHCSA yesterday with more than what asking for passing. Generally speaking, i had quite bit knowledge in linux, but for preparing for the RHCSA exam, all i did was follow each and every single note that listed in this Site. I did not attend to any single training. It covered more than what asking for the exam.

    Funny thing was that when i go to the exam center, I inquired some students, who had followed the RHCE trainings and are about to take RHCE exam, about some topics that listed Certdepot’s RHCSA section. For examples, Virtualization, setup OpenLDAP server, etc. You know what, they said “no they dont know how to”. I think that is fair.

    All right, here, what i really want to emphasize is that you just learn as far as you can, this is more than just a good place(Certdepot) where you can improve your linux knowledge. Dont just go to do the exam by looking for a pass mark.

    Again, thanks “Certdepot”.
    Keshara Dorakumbura – from Sri Lanka.

  2. brb says:

    Can you please give me some idea how I can create clients in VM so that I can do some network related labs kickstart, ssh etc. I am just hoping that you will inform what tools I need for it, so that I can do further research. Thank you for running this blog.

  3. brb says:

    Also, I am unable to install KVM on my device due to shortage of hardware requirements

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