RHEL7 Changes

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RHEL 7 Features Presentation

RHEL 7 has got a lot of changes and new features:

You can additionally read:

RHEL 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 & 7.4 Changes

You can find articles about RHEL 7.1, RHEL 7.2, RHEL 7.3 changes and RHEL 7.4 planned changes.
There is also an article about changes breaking backward compatibility between RHEL 7 versions.

RHEL 7 Server Errata

Latest bug errata are available through the RHEL 7 Server General Advisories.

RHEL 7 Bug Reporting

Most of the found bugs are reported in the Bugzilla tool.
This is a great place to learn debugging techniques.

RHEL 7 Intel Hardware Support

The list of Intel CPUs and Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Versions is available here.

New Intel Xeon Scalable processors have been supported since RHEL 7.3.

RHEL Security Advisories

Latest security advisories are available here.

Red Hat Roadmap

Comparisons between RHEL 5-6-7 versions

For a comparison between RHEL/CentOS versions, have a look at Bob Cromwell’s RHEL/CentOS 5–6–7 Changes page or Sadashiva Murthy’s blog.

Sunil Kumar’s blog shows the differences between RHEL versions concerning security updates.

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RHCSA7: Task of the day

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Create an EXT4 file system mounted under /vol based on a logical volume of 100MB.
Reduce the size to 60MB.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 5 minutes.
Set up time synchronization with default configuration.

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