Fourth website anniversary.

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It was at the beginning of September 2013 that I decided to create this website.
The content is still very focused on RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 and it will continue to be so as we know that RHEL 8 will not be there for at least a year.
I try to update / improve existing tutorials as regularly as possible.
I have not created a forum yet due to lack of disk space, but I still think about it.
I hope you still enjoy the website.

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10 comments on “Fourth website anniversary.
  1. waiyanmin says:

    Thanks for sharing dude !

  2. twostep says:

    Best wishes 🙂

  3. alexpoilt says:

    Thanks for the website. Do you know when the Red Hat 8 will be available? Thank you.

    • CertDepot says:

      I recently talked to a high-ranked RedHat official and he told me that RHEL 8 was more than a year from being released. Therefore, you can expect RHEL 8 to be released around S1 2019. Concerning the certification program it shouldn’t be impacted before S2 2019.
      Don’t forget that some RedHat exams are still performed in RHEL 6!

  4. wbrunc says:

    Your website provides a great service. Thank you !

  5. thegeekaid says:

    For me when I found this website, it was like I found a gold mine, very rich and informative content. Thank you for creating such a great source of knowledge.

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