Happy new year 2019!

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This new year should see two major events: the releases of RHEL 8 and OpenShift V4.

While RHEL 7 contained several important changes compared to RHEL 6, Systemd and Firewalld to name just two of them, we have already known since the release of RHEL 8 Beta that it won’t be the same with RHEL 8. Getting started with this new version will only require a few hours of learning centered around the use of BaseOS and AppStream repositories with yum/dnf. Don’t get me wrong, there are other important innovations in this version (new kernel, nftables usage behind Firewalld, new local storage manager stratis, network stack improvements, better integration of container tools, etc), but that they won’t lead to a major change in the landscape from an administrator’s perspective.

However, with respect to Red Hat certifications, a new cycle will start. If we refer to the past, RHEL 8-based exams are expected to begin by mid-2019 with a stop of those based on RHEL 7 by the end of 2019.

Regarding OpenShift V4, the implementation of a new installation and update process, two major weaknesses of the previous version, as well as the generalization of the operator framework should accelerate, if it is still possible, its pace of adoption with a deep learning curve, as usual, on the administration side.

This website will continue to follow these two areas of interest.

I wish you a happy new year 2019, a good health and a lot of success in everything you try!

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