RHCSA/RHCE Jang/Orsaria’s book review.

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To read more than 900 pages takes time and motivation.

Mr Jang, Mr Orsaria and their proofreaders did a good job: there are very few typos and the quality is there.
Except the lack of coverage of the LDAP server configuration, very useful for testing the client side, all the topics are explained at considerable length and in a pretty expert manner.

Also, the awkward KVM presentation of the previous edition has been seriously improved.

Finally, I’ve got only one critic: all the configurations assume the RHEL 7.0 version. When the exams move to RHEL 7.1 or RHEL 7.2, you will have to buy a new edition (hopefully, this may never happen!).

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Thank you for sharing, good to know these few details about this guide. Hopefully I’ll pass RHCSA with the guide I already have and highly valuable material here at Cert Depot.
The lack of guidance regarding setup of a LDAP server may drive future RHCSA candidates away from this book. How can you verify your understanding of LDAP client setup then, if you don’t have a server to connect to?


Sir, tell how can I practice and learn my syllabus which is good for me.


I plan on taking the RHCE sometime 4th quarter of this year. I tinkered around with RHEL7 but haven’t dug deep into it yet. Will studying on 7.1 or 7.2 really make a difference since the test is for 7.0? Or should I play it safe and stick with 7.0 since that is what the test is based on?


I received the good news from Red Hat today, I passed the RHCSA exam, Cert Depot thank you for highly valuable materials that helped me prepare for the exam.
In particular, and although it isn’t part of RHCSA objectives, setting up remote- login and share servers helped me validate my knowledge of setting up clients that would connect to the servers (which IS a part of RHCSA objectives).

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