RHEL 7 Jang’s book about to be published.

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Many people who had registered to buy the new version of Michael Jang‘s book for the RHEL  7 just received an email today announcing its publication on March 31.
This new edition was expected since the beginning of last year and had experienced a succession of incomprehensible delays!
While most books on RHEL 7 certifications have experienced delays due to the complexity of the subject and the large number of new features with respect to the previous version, Michael Jang‘s book breaks all records, some people wondering if it would even be published or if the author would not start a version for RHEL 8!
Although no information is available yet on its contents, we can only hope that the value of this book justifies all this waiting time!
Stay tuned for a coming review.
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16 comments on “RHEL 7 Jang’s book about to be published.
  1. gmchngr says:

    Amazon says it’ll be delivered on the 30th!

  2. jayc says:

    Confirmed, i got mine yesterday.

    • zejburton says:

      Where abouts is it available to purchase – appears amazon is either sold out or its just not avail.

      • jayc says:

        I pre-ordered mine from Amazon back in January. So I’m guessing they’re fulfilling those orders first.

  3. anm says:

    Hi Certdepot,

    I would like to thank you about the exam
    I have a question, in the RHCSA exam I used gdisk to create a new partition, then I added it to the fstab file, but I got “Attempting to boot from hard drive” message. Do you know why I replicated what I did after the exam, but it was fine.


  4. rhel7baz says:

    Got mine today from Amazon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank CertDepot for such a useful and well-organized website.

  5. obvain75 says:

    Can I ask those who have got their orders from Amazon are you in the Uk?

  6. rhel7baz says:

    I studied the RHCSA part of both Michael Jang and Sander Van Vugt’s books. In my opinion Michael Jang’s book is way more in-depth.

    • CertDepot says:

      You are talking about which books? The first or the second version of van Vugt’s book, the 6th or 7th edition of Jang’s book?
      If you are talking about the 7th version of Jang’s book, it has been available only for two weeks.
      To get a serious opinion about this book of 930 pages in this time frame is a performance. I’ve got mine for one week and I’ve read only a few chapters.

      • rhel7baz says:

        I am talking about the 7th edition which covers RHEL 7. As I mentioned I am only comparing the chapters which are related to EX200 exam and have not even started to study the chapters that covers EX300 one.

  7. Jaz says:

    I have read most of the chapters in this seventh edition.

    It is important to understand that this seventh edition is compiled by two authors named Micheal Jang and Alessandro Orsaria.

    Secondly, I think they have just copied most of the RHEL6 stuff in the seventh edition without testing most of the changes that happened in RHEL7.

    Like It was mentioned in one of the topic to bring eth0 up/down by using “ifdown eth0” “ifup eth0” but practically you wont see them going up or down when you do “nmcli con show” in RHEL7
    To achieve the task you have to issue “nmcli con down eth0” command to bring interface down.

    Using nm-connection-editor to delete interfaces wont delete them from the system, you can still see them from nmcli commands. You have to erase them using nmcli and restart the service before making further changes. Otherwise, you will encounter errors like your interface gets stuck on ‘connecting’

    P.S. The KEY to success is “nmcli” commands.

    “””In most of the important topics this book goes very little in depth and you have to use your head around RHEL7 to figure out what is happening.”””

    Suggestion/advices are always welcome.

    • CertDepot says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m currently also reading the book but I need more time than you to get a global impression 😉

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