RHEL7: Configure aggregated network links between two RHEL systems.

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Note: This is an RHCE 7 exam objective.


There are two ways to configure aggregated network links between two RHEL systems:

Red Hat provides a page comparing the two network links aggregation methods.

Connecting two RHEL systems directly by Ethernet cables is not supported. All connections have to be done through switches.

Concerning the tutorials, all configurations are made between virtual machines. It is also the case in the RHCE 7 exam.

Additional Resources

Venkat Nagappan‘s got an interesting video explaining how to Set up Network Teaming & Bonding in CentOS 7 (20min/2015).
Hangbin Liu, from Red Hat, wrote an introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking.

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49 comments on “RHEL7: Configure aggregated network links between two RHEL systems.
  1. jeromeza says:

    Which is faster to do in the exam and why?

    • CertDepot says:

      The teaming is the new RHEL 7 way to do link aggregation. Bonding still works and is supported.
      There is a very slight performance advantage to use teaming. This also adds more features.
      From an exam point of view, teaming should be preferred.

  2. lisenet says:

    I personally find teaming configuration slightly more time consuming compared to bonding, as it requires me to either remember JSON config, or to find/copy/edit examples that are available on a RHEL server.

  3. David_V says:

    I have a CentOS 7.2 minimal install with dual nics on vmworkstation 11.1.4 I configured bridging like Venkat did in his video above. It works until I nmcli con down bridge0-slave2. It works if I take down bridge0-slave1.. then I can put bridge0-slave2 back up and if will not work until I use nmtui to enable the connection?! I even did a yum update while it was working.. I remember Sander saying there was an issue with bridging and NetworkManager.. anyone know what is going on?

  4. jeromeza says:

    I know teaming is the new way of doing things, but I prefer bonding as I find it saves time and is quicker.

    Is it allowed to use either or do we need to specifically use teaming?

    • CertDepot says:

      I suppose if teaming is specified in the wording of the question, you have to use teaming. Otherwise, they give you the choice.

      • Lisenet says:

        Well, the RHCE exam objectives still say:

        “Use network teaming or bonding to configure aggregated network links between two Red Hat ”

        Therefore I believe the choice is yours, unless during the exam it’s explicitly specified you must use teaming.

  5. dirtbag says:

    So I’m studying for the RHCE 7 on a CentOS 7 server and whenever I configure teaming between 2 VMs and test it with pings, I seem to always lose a bunch of packets whenever I shut off one interface of the team. I’d say there’s like a 15 second delay between when I shut off the interface and the pings to the teamed interface start working again. Is that normal? I’ve tried load-balanced and round-robin.

  6. asifshabir says:

    Hello Certdepot,
    I am trying to configure teaming on vmware workstation … installed on Windows with single NIC (wifi) over laptop.

    When I try to setup link aggregation with two cards added on to VM. It says duplicate mac address ……….

    Is it possible to perform this scenario on VM?
    or do I need a physical machine and two NICs with linux installed?

  7. DanS says:

    I understand teaming with two interfaces on a server or VM but don’t see where it’s documented or explained how to aggregate links “between” two RHEL VM’s, where is that shown?

  8. jank says:

    For a given single connection where we could have both an ipv4 and ipv6 addressing setup, if ipv4 addressing is via DHCP and ipv6 is static, will issuing an ipv6.method manual break ipv4 dhcp ? Is it smart enough to know that you only want ipv6 to be static and not ipv4?

  9. alexpoilt says:

    Guys, a question?

    When I need to configure ipv6 with teaming, do I put the ip in the ifcfg-team0 file?


    # cat ifcfg-team0
    TEAM_CONFIG='{“runner”: {“name”: “activebackup”}}’


    I wonder if the configuration is correct?


    • Lisenet says:

      Try the following command:

      # nmcli c mod team0 ipv6.addresses 2602:306:cc2d:f591::A/64 ipv6.method manual

      And see what gets written to the file.

      • alexpoilt says:

        It did not work and gave the following error:
        nmcli connection modify “Team team0” ipv6.addresses 2602:306:cc2d:f591::C/64 ipv6.method manual
        Error: Failed to modify connection ‘Team team0’: (32) Can’t write connection ‘/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-team0’

        But the logic is right?

        My question is regarding the EX300 exam. Because I understand that we will configure everything on the same server. Then I will have to configure ipv6 and teaming. So I understand that both should work together. That’s right?

        Thank you.

        • Lisenet says:

          There may be a problem with your ifcfg-team0 configuration since you edited the file manually. The best way to know if the configuration is correct is to start over and use nmcli to configure teaming. When you’re done, you can open the file ifcfg-team0 and see what’s inside.

  10. ILMostro says:

    The question (request?) makes it sound like the teamed connection should be composed of two network interfaces from two different systems.

    i.e. team0 = vm1-eth1 + vm2-eth1

    instead of:

    vm1 –> team0 = eth0 + eth1

    vm2 –> team0 = eth0 + eth1

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