RHEL7: How to get started with the Audit system.

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Presentation of the Audit system

Linux Audit System

Configuration Procedure

By default the Audit system is installed:

# rpm -qa | grep audit

The Audit system main configuration is stored in the /etc/audit/audit.conf file.

Audit rules are located in the /etc/audit/rules.d directory. As the Audit system activation brings a performance overhead, the default configuration doesn’t log anything:

# First rule - delete all

# Increase the buffers to survive stress events.
# Make this bigger for busy systems
-b 320

To start auditing events, new rules as those coming with the STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) provided by the United States Department of Defense have to be activated:

# cp /usr/share/doc/audit*/rules/10-base-config.rules /etc/audit/rules.d/
# cp /usr/share/doc/audit*/rules/30-stig.rules /etc/audit/rules.d/
# rm /etc/audit/rules.d/audit.rules
# sed -i -e '95,+5 s/^/#/' 30-stig.rules

Note: The last instruction removes the numerous events triggered by the use of the chown & chmod commands.

# service auditd restart

Source: Suse.

journalctl _TRANSPORT=audit

Additional Resources

The official RedHat documentation about the Audit system is available through the RHEL 7 Security Guide.
You can also read this Introduction to the Audit system on RHEL 7 or How to enable and configure Auditd on CentOS 7.

Andrew Mallett wrote several tutorials about:

The Linux-audit.com website provides several tutorials to dive into the Audit system:

The Tecmint website also offers two tutorials about the Audit system:

Luc de Louw wrote an article about Auditing your systems for security compliance with OpenSCAP.

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