RHEL 7 Password recovery procedure.

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Everybody thinks the password recovery procedure in RHEL 7 is simple. But it is not.

To start with, there are several procedures spread all over the Internet. All are slightly different, all are supposed to run in all situations, with physical server and virtual machine. They aren’t.

Then, a RHCSA candidate not only has to know the procedure, he also has to be quick: wasting several minutes waiting for the autorelabel to run is not very efficient. Some enhancements exist to avoid this pitfall.

Finally, failure is not an option: several RHCSA candidates have experimented what it means to receive a zero score because they couldn’t make it.

Test this RHEL 7 password recovery procedure many times. Learn it by heart.
If something doesn’t work as expected, report it, even though it has been already tested hundred times by many people.

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Nice to see something like this in a post as I recently travelled to take the Openstack v5 exam. After taking an on-line course, I knew how to setup and manipulate the different dashboards. I also knew that in order to get there, you had to perform some items in sequence. So I wrote down what was needed in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file and the needed ifcfg-bridge file. Studied them hard. Travelled in plenty of time, reviewed like crazy. But when I got to the kiosk and started to enter the data, it would not bring up the browser. I got… Read more »

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