CentOS 8 finally released.

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After several months of waiting, the CentOS 8 distribution is finally published. But it does not come alone! A new distribution called CentOS 8 Stream is coming with it.
This latter targets more particularly the developers associated with the eco-system.

We now have the following situation:

  • the Fedora distribution bringing innovations first,
  • the CentOS Stream distribution allowing developers to follow the day-to-day innovations integrated into the RHEL / CentOS eco-system,
  • the RHEL distribution focusing on companies requiring support and stability at the price of a subscription,
  • the CentOS distribution replicating the RHEL distribution but without support.

The CentOS 8 release notes are here.
The CentoS 8 Stream announcement by Red Hat is here.

In addition, the website celebrates its sixth anniversary.
It has recently been enriched with new articles on the RHCSA v8 and RHCE v8 certifications.
Finally, having had the chance to visit the Red Hat Summit 2019 in Boston, I added several articles on the main features of the RHEL 8 distribution.

Happy reading!

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RHCSA7: Task of the day

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Create a user called tom. Create a directory named /private. Use an acl to only allow access (rwx) to tom to the private directory.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 15 minutes.
Configure a Samba server called MYSERVER, belonging to the MYGROUP group, sharing the /shared directory with the name "shared".

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