Final call for RHCSA 6 & RHCE 6 exams.

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Just to remind you that you have until February 28 to buy your voucher for the RHCSA 6 or RHCE 6 exams. Then, you will have 1 year from the purchase date to take the exams.
After February 28, you will have to learn RHEL 7.

Note: If you’ve got a valid RHCSA 6 certification, you can already take the RHCE 7 exam.


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8 comments on “Final call for RHCSA 6 & RHCE 6 exams.
  1. muzee says:

    First time commenting – I’m curious about the whole year to schedule your date. I recently re-registered and could not book a date past the first week in April. Is this on a per-location basis?

  2. sameerz09 says:

    i need to ask you if I can get this offer through redhat partner training center , because i need to register into rhcsa & rhce 6 now and apply the exam later during one year

    sameer Zuhairi

    • CertDepot says:

      You should call Red Hat representatives and ask them.

      • konrad says:

        Hi, I am a little bit confused. I just want to buy RHCSA exam for version 6 and not sure what is difference between them:

        1. [EX200-RHEL6] Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) RHEL6

        2. [EX200vK6] RHCSA Kiosk Exam (RHEL6)

        Snapshot from original website:



        • CertDepot says:

          1. It’s the standard exam in a classroom with several people in a RedHat certification center. You have very limited choices for the exam date.
          2. It’s the kiosk version: you are alone in front of a computer in a RedHat certification center but you can choose your exam date.

          • konrad says:

            Thanks for the answer.

            Just received an email from Red Hat Training Centre (UK) and found out that today is the last business day to confirm enrollment for EX200v6K/EX300v6K and make a payment. The payment must be made today before 16:00 CET or enrollment will be cancelled. So I paid 😉

            By the way, many thanks for this website, it is the most helpful source of RHEL exams.

          • CertDepot says:

            Thank you.

RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 5 minutes.
Set up time services pointing to default time servers.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Configure a httpd server that executes a Perl script in the /var/www/cgi-bin directory displaying "Hello!".

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