Happy birthday!

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One year ago I decided to start this website.

One of the reasons explaining this move was to see how it was difficult to complete some tasks like LDAP client configuration without almost any tutorial to set up the server side.

Now that Red Hat is increasing the level of the RHCE exam, nothing has really changed. There is still a need for LDAP/Kerberos/DNS server side tutorials to test the client side objectives.

Today, I sincerely hope this website is useful to you. If you have learned some tips, I can tell you, I have learned a lot! One year ago I didn’t know what a powerful tool was WordPress and I never ran a website before.

What a wonderful adventure!

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9 comments on “Happy birthday!
  1. dylanlindgren says:

    Thanks! This is an extremely valuable resource you have here. Keep it up!

  2. keshara dorakumbura says:

    Very Happy Bday CertDept….

    I really like what you are doing as “keep us posting updated info about what happens around in Linux world”… It has been really cool..
    And also, i like the way the documentations you presents, they are clean and easy. Another special thing i notice is that it provides the best links for a user to learn with. For example, last couple of days i have been learning “systemd” ,which of course is a brilliant system to learn. But when i was following systemd article list by certdepot there were couple of links which directed me to some sites. They were quite exceptional.

    I love this site. thanks.
    Keshara Dorakumbura.

  3. bazimov says:

    Simply put, thanks to you!!!

  4. Code4lchemist says:

    Excellent Site! Congrats!!

RHCSA7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Create an EXT4 file system mounted under /vol based on a logical volume of 100MB.
Reduce the size to 60MB.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 8 minutes.
Set up an iScsi target based on a fileio backstore of 100MB called /opt/shareddata with CHAP authentication (username=usr/password=pwd), xfs filesystem and standard firewall configuration.

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