RHCSA/RHCE move to RHEL 7.1.

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One week ago, Raj left a comment on this website saying the current version used for the RHCSA/RHCE exams was now RHEL 7.1.
Although I had no reason not to believe him, I wanted a confirmation that I got a day after by training-uk@redhat.com.

In my recent post, I slightly blamed Jang/Orsaria‘s book for omitting to include any instruction changes coming with the new minor versions of RHEL 7. Now buyers of this book can start fixing tutorials (mainly NFS configuration, client and server sides, and LDAP client configuration). Bad luck for a pretty good book published at the end of April 2016 and already partially obsolete in June 2016!

Concerning Red Hat, it is already surprising that not a single feedback is provided in the exam results. But it is even more difficult to understand why Red Hat is not clearly announcing the RHEL minor version used in exam on its website: you have to ask to get the answer!

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16 comments on “RHCSA/RHCE move to RHEL 7.1.
  1. gmchngr says:

    Do we know what has changed?

  2. thegeekaid says:

    The book is obsolete ohhh man I just got the book !!!

    • CertDepot says:

      Don’t worry. Changes only happen in the NFS and in the LDAP client configurations. Most of it can still be used.

      • redhat0329 says:

        Hi CertDepot,

        The LDAP client and NFS configurations on your tutorial can still be used as our source of information on the exam? I tried it on 7.1 ant it works.


  3. Jaz says:

    Changes are not going to affect the examination format.

    Everything will be the same.

    • CertDepot says:

      I agree with you concerning the examination format. However, they will be some changes in configuration procedures.

  4. CertDepot says:

    Several people are reporting they took the RHCE exam still in RHEL 7.0.
    Randy Russell, head of certification at Red Hat, discussed the subject via Twitter:
    “2 wks ago I asked RH UK which version of RHEL7 was used for RHCSA/RHCE: they said 7.1. Today 5 guys reported 7.0. Can you clarify?”
    Randy Russel>
    “The major release is what matters. We update dot releases and sometimes support more than one dot release concurrently.”
    “NFS cl/srv & LDAP cl conf procs are different according to minor versions. It’s a fact. Knowing the minor version used is required”
    Randy Russel>
    “No, what’s required is knowing underlying principles rather than rote memorization. Dot releases are part of the job.”

  5. crosoft says:

    took RHCE 2 days ago in north east USA, was still rhel 7.0

    • CertDepot says:

      Yes, although Red Hat UK told me RHCE 7.1 was now the version used in UK, there are still other countries using RHEL 7.0. However, because one moves to RHEL 7.1 means the others should move soon.

  6. gmchngr says:

    Just FYI. I spoke with the Red Hat Training today and the RHCSA ex200 is still RHEL 7.

    • CertDepot says:

      Yes, several people reported like you. Thanks.
      I still don’t know why someone from Red Hat UK told me RHEL 7.1 was the new version used.

  7. zerick says:

    I took the RHCE EX300 exam, and it was based on RHEL 7.0.

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