RHEL7: Set up a lab.

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If you are serious about passing RHCSA 7 & RHCE 7 exams, you have to build a lab.
There are very limited explanations in books and almost no article on the Internet on this topic (see Additional Resources at the end of this page for useful links).

This page is mainly intended for people wanting to install a KVM host. Other solutions like VirtualBox or VMware workstation can be also considered.


This task can be split into several steps:

(if you go the VirtualBox way, my explanations stop here)

Installation Steps


If you prepare for the RHCSA 7 exam, you will need 1 VM for most of the topics and 1 more for a small number of subjects like configuring the Automounter, securely transfer files between systemsconnecting to an existing authentication service, building a remote repository or mounting CIFS/NFS shares. Each VM will require 1GB of memory and around 10GB of disk space.

If you prepare for the RHCE 7 exam, you will need 3 VMs in the worst case (KDC+NFS server+NFS client). Each VM will require 1GB of memory and around 10GB of disk space. Don’t forget to at least create 2 network interfaces for 2 of the 3 VMs: you will need them when working with bonding and teaming.

Additional Resources

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11 comments on “RHEL7: Set up a lab.
  1. FredSim says:


    I am using virtual box in windows 8, if i would like create a lab system, i shall need 3 VMs in order to run the testing. Is that possible that i create a master VM as a DNS, Kerboros, NPS and master mail server and another 2 VMs which are server VM and desktop VM? The Master VM will provide the services to server VM and desktop VM. How to link these 3 VMs together so that they can have dns name register in master VM, ipv4 and ipv6 connection are able to ping each other and so does a mail server. Thanks

  2. Jaz says:

    I have a question… Is it necessary to install KVM in exam and perform all the tasks? Can’t I use vmware workstation in exam?

    I am little bit confused in understanding that what kind of tasks are required to perform virtualization during exam? What are the prerequisites ?

    Please explain in detail. Thank you

  3. uco says:

    Vagrant lab-setup for centos or rhel, easy to reset: https://bitbucket.org/allyourco_de/rhel-lab

  4. SNS says:

    Can someone please guide me during EX200, which VM will be used Centos 7 or Fedora linux. I know first step is to reset root password during Boot time, will it be same for Centos 7 and fedora Linux.

  5. sjCreation says:

    Hi CertDepot,
    Need your help!
    I am newbie to RHEL7 and Linux OS.
    I want to prepare for RHEL7 exam. I have one laptop with 500GB HDD and Intel-i3 1.7 GHz processor.
    Need your guidelines to start preparation for RHEL7.
    Response appreciated.
    Thank you 🙂

  6. Brightside says:

    Hi again, CertDepot.

    Thanks for you reply to my previous question.
    Will I have to create my own VM using KVM when I take the exam?
    Or please can you tell me what will be the exam environment?

    Currently I have my own labs using Virtual Box on my Centos 7 Host.
    I am not really familiar with KVM.

    Thanks in advance!

    • CertDepot says:

      No, you shouldn’t need to create your own VM during the exam.
      The exam environment should give you access to a VM. The specific environment (RHEV on KVM, pure KVM, etc) doesn’t really matter to you.
      VirtualBox is fine. Get some theorical knowledge about KVM and KickStart and you should be OK.

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Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Set up a default configuration HTTP server with SELinux in Enforcing mode and active firewalld configuration.

RHCE7: Task of the day

Allowed time: 10 minutes.
Set up a NFS server that exports the /opt directory in read-only mode.

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