VCP5-DCV Free available resources

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In order to get prepared for the exam, you can find some free resources on the Internet:

Official resources:

  • VMware provides the official exam blueprint.



Sample exams and self-assessment:


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4 comments on “VCP5-DCV Free available resources
  1. alamahant says:

    Oh dear i didnt know that you are a VMware specialist also..
    Then kindly sir let me ask why???? i cant add an esxi host on vcenter server datastore???
    I have tried everything and it simply wont connect..
    But i can easily connect through the Vsphere desktop client…
    Things like that and the fact that vmware products are really heavy on resource consumption made me dislike vmware 🙂
    Any insights are greatly appreciated. 🙂

    • CertDepot says:

      Two years ago, I was interested in passing VMware certifications. But, it’s not the case anymore.
      Sorry, I’m definitively not a VMware expert. I can’t help you on this point.

      • lisenet says:

        I was interested in taking on a VMware certification, but was told that I can only sit exams if I book and attend their expensive training courses. That’s where I lost interest in VMware and switched to Xen/KVM.

        • CertDepot says:

          In my case, I even followed the training courses but didn’t take the exam: I couldn’t practice at work and, above all, I preferred the KVM technology.

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